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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Charlie and the UN

Charles Johnson's hatred of the UN tends to blind him of some basics facts about the organization, as we saw again this week when the West Coast hateblogger took a shot at the Human Rights Council ( In his post 'UN Human Rights Council Kowtows to Islam' CJ fails to mention that it was European countries which opposed the 'defamation of religion' resolution while the US didn't raise any objections to the OIC's proposal.

As for his discovery this week that Human Rights Watch said last September the rights council shouldn't be so obsessed with Israel (, he fails to mention that the same argument has been made by two UN secretary generals and pretty much every European country in the council. Of course mentioning that might give the lizards the impression Europe and the UN (as an institution, rather than its various forums) might be sane after all. Can't have that!!!


Anonymous said...

An open letter:

Why I wont be visiting LGF anymore.

I am an Englishman, I visit many American websites and blogs to get some perspective on American politics and culture and outlook.

Although I lean to the Left, I do feel it is important that we, as humans, monitor and report on all extremism and barbarity regardless of the perpertrators and without favour to anyone one side.

Thus, I am not afraid to visit a website such as LGF that reports of atrocities and crimes carried out by some Muslims.

But, I have come to the conclusion that LGF serves mainly as a site for the ignorant and bigoted to express their views and gain support from their peers while dodging any attempts at either fairness, balance or analysis.

Is LGF a racist hate site?

Replace the word Muslim with Jew on that site and you have your answer.

Comments on the British soldiers taken by Iran were insulting to any British person but, worse than that, they were also inaccurate and moronic.

Britain will not be nuking Iran to get back it's 15 hostages. No country -including America - would.
The stupid comments of the "Armchair generals" have been noted - and ignored by British policy makers and the British military.

This does not mean that we Brits are "cowards" or "pussies" or "terrorist lovers" or any other stupid names the ignorant racists on LGF decide to call us.

Could I make it clear for any RightWing Americans that are reading this that:

France isn't a nation of cheese eating Islamofacist appeasing cowards.

Britain hasn't caved in to the Islamofacists and is therefore "doomed".

Europe isn't overun by Muslims nor is it likely to be run or controlled by Muslims anytime soon.

I don't mind people criticising Isalmic extremism, terrorism and barbarity.

I do, however, strongly object to the constant pushing of the idea that Muslims are animals who need to be sorted out with a few nukes.
Europeans are cowards and the only decent people left on the planet are Rightwing Americans and Israelis.

Verchiel said...

This hasn't been spotlighted yet, but looks like Mr. Closed Registration is planning on fortifying the gates even further:

"All searches are now logged, as well, so I can keep an eye on how the search engine’s being used and optimize things that need optimizing. So if you’re someone like, oh, say, Glenn “Sock Puppet” Greenwald, and you’re thinking how great it’s going to be to use our own search engine to cherry-pick through LGF’s comments and launch more smear jobs and hypocritical attacks—well, let’s just say I’ll be watching."

Looks like Chucky's battening down the hatches at the 82nd Chairborne's basement clubhouse. What was it that people say about, "if you have nothing to hide?"