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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Paging Dr. Freud

It's funny when lizardoids engage in armchair psychoanalysis (emphasis added; misspellings and typos in original):

I would not be surprised if some of these moonbats have criminal tendencies. And i would not be surprised if many of them have been diagnosed with mental disorders some time in their lives. It seems possible after just reading what many of them post. They fantasize about death, murder and assasantion all the time. That to me signifys very sick and twisted minds.
From the same thread:
Can we nuke the NYT? [...] They keep calling to bring the troops home, well lets...and turn them loose on the bastards like this who are undermining our country.

Close Guantanamo and ship all the inmates directly up to the NY Times Building in NYC. Then weld the doors shut once they're inside. By my calculations, that should take care of a couple of problems in no time.

my wish for all the Journalists/Editors at the Times, and any who agree with their editorial political positions is to endure the stings of a thousand Scorpions every hour, of every day for eternity ... At a minimum.

Everyone at the NYT's who had a hand in publishing top secret information regarding the NSA surveillance program, the SWIFT program, or the exact locations of our troops in Iraq should be investigated, and if found guilty, should be public!

I can't help wondering what our guys, Bush and Cheney, must think in those two seconds when they're briefed on this this morning. I bet they just shake they're heads, also with disgust, and then say something funny, like "we begin bombing in five minutes...43rd street!"[username: psychocindy]

Here's a real gem:
Whattaya you NYT liberals lookin' at? You're all a bunch of raving lunatics. You know why? 'Cause you don't have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like us. You need people like us so you can point your little fingers, and say "they're the bad guys." So, what's that make you? Good? You're not good; you just know how to hide. How to lie. We, we don't have that problem. We, we always tell the truth--even when we lie. So kiss your business goodnight from the bad guys. Come on; this's the last time you gonna see a single red nickel from bad guys like us, let me tell ya. Come on, try to grow your business without the bad guys. There's a bunch a bad guys money streamin' through the blogosphere; and it's all gonna get outta your way!

And, best of all:
People like that are like caged chimps hurling feces at anyone who comes near. They lives are empty. The laughter they revel in is thin and hollow. [referring to the movie Dogma]


The topic at hand is what Senior Political Analyst Charles Johnson refers to as a "Terrorist Bill of Rights," an editorial published today by the New York Times. The gist of the editorial is that the U.S., being a better nation than the totalitarian religious régimes with whom it is at war, should endeavor to be better than those totalitarian religious régimes when it comes to observing due process and the rule of law generally -- a proposition to which most lizards take exception, sometimes violently. The reasoning, apparently, is that if a torture technique was good enough for Saddam, it's good enough for the U.S. of A. And if Iran throws people into jail indefinitely without even attempting to determine their guilt or innocence -- why, we'd better do the same, otherwise we'll all DIE!

In case you're new to our site and you're wondering why we're using comments to illustrate a point about the LGF mindset: (1) The comments are an integral part of LGF, and indeed make up the overwhelming majority of its "content"; and (2) Charles routinely deletes comments he doesn't agree with. So as far as we're concerned, the commenters are fair game. Oops! Was that a violent, "stalkerish" hunting metaphor?


Anonymous said...

Can we nuke the NYT? [...] They keep calling to bring the troops home, well lets...and turn them loose on the bastards like this who are undermining our country.

A clever wingnut trick since any nuke that goes off on 43rd Street would also take out the recruiting station at Times Square and allow them to go to the Virgin Megastore without feeling any guilt over not having enlisted.

The Sphinx said...

It's Schizophrenia I tell you, this guy posting the first comment you quoted, he managed to so flawlessly describe the lizards (not the liberals) like NONE of us could ever do. It's unbelievable.

Sid said...

"We, we always tell the truth--even when we lie."

Oh man now that is a quote worth keeping!

cokane said...

i love the "gem" post. I haven't see orwellian double-speak like that in a long time

GirlieMan said...

Is this disclaimer new?

"Comments are open and unmoderated, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Little Green Footballs. Obscene, abusive, silly, or annoying remarks may be deleted, but the fact that particular comments remain on the site in no way constitutes an endorsement of their views by Little Green Footballs."

New or not, it's bullshit. Charles deletes posts he disagrees with (and bans the poster) but allows vile hate filled posts that serve no purpose whatsoever to remain. Draw your own conclusions about what the management does nor does not endorse. Like everywhere else, actions speak louder than words.

andrew said...

That long quote that includes the "we always tell the truth" line is mostly all taken from the movie Scarface.