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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ya boo sucks Media!

Can you imagine a mainstream news operation being this childish? Pajamas Media really shows its true colours here.

22:55 PDT Richard Silverstein of TPM Cafe and Tikun Olam thinks it really is Israel’s fault after all: “I am going to say something that my fellow Seattle Jews may not agree with and my president certainly will disagree with but…this killing proves the absolute urgency of an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon.” ( Tikun Olam)
Of course, being a home of right-wing wacko's it is not surprising that Pajamas Media would want to paint Richard Silverstein in this way. You see Richard, actually writes good editorial. Not the LGF 'cut and paste' with one line of sarc followed by moronic drivel in the comments.

Is Richard blaming Israel? No. Is Richard saying that a ceasefire in the Middle East would de-escalate the tension felt against Jews around the globe? Obviously. The shooter was allegedly angry about 'the war in Israel'. So you'd think it would be logical to deduce that he's been inspired to go on his rampage by current events wouldn't you?

Not in Pajamas Media World. That would involve in some way criticising Israeli policy.

Read Richard Silverstein's whole post to get some perspective and some good writing on the subject. Here's where I believe Richard hits the nail on the head (funnily enough it's the section directly after what Pajamas Media quote.....oh the bias!!).
How many more Jewish communal organizations will be targeted after the unbalanced or zealots decide to emulate this nutjob? And in case we needed incontrovertible proof of the immense reservoir of hatred the Lebanon war is building among the world’s Muslims and Arabs, Seattle is the perfect emblem of that hatred and what the future holds in store.

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