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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Charles Johnson says "Blame Kofi"!

Never a man to offer any criticism of Israel, no matter how heinous the crime committed, Charles Johnson is a joy to behold.

Kofi Annan Could Have Ordered Peacekeepers to Leave

The four UN peacekeepers killed in an apparently accidental airstrike on a UN observer post were required to stay there until ordered to leave by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan—an order he never gave.
Funny thing, the UN observers in Lebanon urged Israeli troops 10 times to stop shelling before four were killed. They never did stop firing, that order never seemed to arrive either. Why would Charles ignore that?

Not that you would have known any of the details reading LGF. You'd honestly believe that UN Peacekeepers were fighting shoulder to shoulder with Hizbollah terrorists and that "4 less UN terrorist collaborators" or "4 Less child molesters" had it coming.

UPDATE: Charles has responded to a Glenn Greenwald post criticising the vile gloating about the deaths by re-directing his link. Awww diddums, is the nasty man mocking you?

His post supposedly to answer Glenn's criticisms is simply a link to two other sites who criticise Glen (which in themselves are deliberately misguided). What is it with Charles, doesn't he have the ability to write his own responses or answer criticism without censorship?
Oh, OK. I confess. I didn’t really work very hard.)
That's the problem, Charles. You never do.

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