Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The rage of Fadela Amara

She's French. She's a feminist. She's from an Arab immigrant family. And she's a practising Muslim. Get your head around this incredible woman, Lizards!


unaha-closp said...

She derides Islamic traditions and calls political Islam "green facism". LGF derides Islamic traditions and calls Islam politically facist. Not a big difference there.

dawud al-gharib said...

I'm broadly sympathetic with her, except when she starts ranting about Algeria and the headscarf;

first, the headscarf has a long history and belongs not merely to 'culture' but as a symbol of faith and distinguishes muslim women, and women should have the right to wear (or not wear) it as they see fit;

second, Algeria wasn't a simple battle of fundamentalist fascists vs. secular liberationists; anyone who's spent two minutes studying the recent history knows that the "secular" military was using troops to carry out slaughter and rape and attributing this to the "Islamic terrorist" groups, many of which became increasingly radicalized as it became apparent that neither democracy, nor appeals to foreign powers, nor calls for humanity from the assaults of the military would be effective.

I'm sorry that ignorance, of Islam as a religion distinct from the cultural and bigoted attitudes of a few, has still blinded so many Europeans.

Americans I can understand being enraged by 9/11 (as I was, and am); and that they have a pathetic media disinterested in clarity and ethical reporting - is a trope already, well-known and established beyond doubt. What's Europe's excuse?