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Monday, July 10, 2006

Slaughter of the Innocents

One subject never discussed on LGF is the appalling slaughter of many thousands of Iraqi civilians as a consequence of the invasion. In this post James Wolcott discusses and links to Digby and others about some long overdue reckoning on this topic.

The Decider's teleprompter has morphed our reason for invading Iraq from WMDs to "spreadin' freedom", because ( The Decider says) the invisible old guy in the sky promised it to everyone and the Decider will make it so. He plays it like the change of plan is no big deal and the "freedom" angle was the real reason all along.

I wish some WH reporter would ask him this question:

"Mister President, you've talked about our reason for being in Iraq as part of a larger historical push on your part to "spread freedom" in the middle east by creating a democracy in Iraq. But what gives you, or any American president, absent a clear and present danger, the moral right to kill and maim many thousands of Iraqi civilians, men, women, children, babies, some say fifty or more thousand dead, countless more maimed, in pursuit of that goal? "
File under flying pigs.

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