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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Barbaric Acts

One of the ways in which Charles Johnson expresses his crypto-racist hatred of Arabs is by pushing the idea that they are 'barbarians'.

We all know this is a tried and tested way of making the killing of 'the enemy' (be they civilians or soldiers) acceptable to your own side.

But sometimes Charles takes this idea to absurd lengths. His post 'United Nations Presides Over Barbaric Photo Op' is a case in point: CJ blasts the UN for having given 'approval' to photographers to take pictures of Lebanese civilians killed by IAF air strikes. Not only does Johnson fail to explain in what way it is up to the UN to 'approve' what photographers can and can't do, the characterization of the pictures as barbaric, but not the bombing that caused the civilian deaths in the first place, must surely rate as a textbook example of Orwellian logic

Charles says:

"I feel quite sick after seeing it myself—sick, and coldly furious at the United Nations for their enabling of such evil."
Sick and furious. Yes, that pretty much sums you up, Charles.

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