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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Script change....

On hearing the news that Oliver Stone would be directing a film about 9/11, everyone's favourite film critic Chuckles Johnson proclaimed...

The first major Hollywood film about the September 11 atrocity will be directed by Oliver Stone.


Mickey Kaus: Keep Oliver Stone Away from 9/11!

He’s right, of course. But it’s pathetic that it even needs to be said.
He followed that up by quoting Mickey Kaus again here...
Mickey Kaus has more reasons why Oliver Stone shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a film about September 11: Stone: ‘Terrorists Are Like Einstein!’
Methinks maybe, just maybe, that he'll be changing his tune. Ooooh, just about now.
Oliver Stone's soon-to-be-released film about two New York City Port Authority police officers who were buried in the rubble in the 9/11 attacks is being marketed towards conservatives and evangelicals by Paramount Pictures, RAW STORY has found.

"Paramount Pictures is in the midst of a campaign to win over conservatives and evangelicals to support Oliver Stone's new movie, "World Trade Center," writes Robert B. Bluey for The Right Angle at Human Events Online. "A private screening of the film last night in Washington, D.C., brought out big names on the right, and similar events are planned nationwide before the film opens on August 9."

"The conservative and evangelical outreach is being directed by Greg Mueller and his firm, Creative Response Concepts," writes Bluey.

According to a Salon report written two years ago, Creative Response Concepts, which is run by two former communication directors for Pat Buchanan, has represented such clients as "the Christian Coalition, National Taxpayers Union, Media Research Council and Regnery Publishing," and also did some work for the Swift Boat Vets against John Kerry.
Source: Raw Story

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phleabo said...

Realistically speaking, who's gonna go see that movie BUT fundies and wingnuts? Wholly apart from the fact that I hate Stone's movies, I don't need to watch a piece of emotionally manipulative crap about 9/11. I remember perfectly well what it was like - watching the towers collapse over and over, people jumping from windows to their death, the utter hysteria.

Chuckles and the gang, however, are about to change their tune. Because basicaly they need their fix of being whipped into a jingoistic, racist frenzy and this is about the ur-incident that made their particular brand of pants pissing murder fantasies "acceptable."