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Monday, July 31, 2006

Murderous semantics

Richard Silverstein makes some good points in our comments section here. It seems that the bombing of Qana is looking increasingly bad for the Israeli military and our original description of the event as 'murder' is more accurate than our trolls would like to admit. We changed it to 'slaughter' which describes the situation just as well but we appreciate Richard's point that this was in fact a clear cut case of murder.

I'd call it murder & wouldn't have changed the wording. First, the IDF admitted the house had not been a source for rocket firing. It was bombed anyway. Second, a Qana resident said drones flew overhead all day long before the bombing & could see clearly all 40 children playing outside in the building's courtyard. Does the IAF not have reconnaissance?

If they didn't know there were civilians in there they should have. It's not first degree murder, but it's murder nonetheless.

Besides let's not get bogged down in semantics. Whatever you call it it was Israel's worst blunder of the war and hopefully the latter's undoing.
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