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Monday, July 31, 2006

More horrific news

Here's some horrendous news regarding the Qana massacre. It seems a good number of the children killed in the attack were handicapped.

FIFTEEN physically or mentally handicapped children were among 52 people killed by Israeli raids on the village of Qana in south Lebanon overnight, a Lebanese MP said today.

"There were 15 physically or mentally handicapped children among the children killed in Qana," said Bahia Hariri, who represents south Lebanon.
Mr Hariri, who presides over several charitable organisations, said several families had already been evacuated towards the city of Sidon but some families of the handicapped had wanted to stay.

"The bombardment of the Tyre region was intensifying and we wanted to take them to safety. But these families believed that the shelter and the mosque (in Qana) served as their shelter," she said.
.....and here's the type of response from the 'Lizards'...

#79 bullfeather 7/30/2006 10:21AM PDT
From an editor of a daily news in Lebanon, the children killed were handicapped. The local media can't get much lower. But the world will eat this up. How doe's Israel counter this bias BS? People are inflamed by these lies. and the UN will believe the lies.
Lies? Any proof to back that up? Who's ass is being fact-checked here?

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