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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thank You

If you saw it, you know it was the best television moment since Prince kicked
over the microphone stand at the 1985 American Music Awards. Almost immediately,
the kind of people who can't tolerate actual people expressing actual dissent in
real-time began to put spin on Kanye West's impassioned, emotional, and most
importantly accurate outburst on NBC earlier this evening: they hauled out their
abusive epithets as they always do. They're especially fond of the word
"disgusting"; I'd wager they've done some focus-group research on it. These are
the same people who're all for shrinking government until it comes to your
bedroom, at which point they're all about legislation. Whatever. If you saw it,
and you feel like I feel, please post this banner on your site, or your LJ, or
wherever you got space. Control-click the image and upload it to your favorite
server, and then go nuts. Let's show love to a guy with the guts to go
off-script and say it out loud.

Via Last Plane To Jakarta & Liberal Avenger

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