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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The 'N' words

Now is LGF'er Coulter-Clone (how appropriate) calling Mayor Nagin 'Mayor Nagger' in this and other posts because of his proclivity for 'nagging' or is it linked to this?

489 coulterclone 9/5/2005 06:52AM PDT
#484 Haakondahl...I'll give you that one on S O'B but I'll add that Nagin's choice of words about the axe--I heard it but I don't remember the exact quote--was typically poor. He tries to use jive and sarcasm to make himself look important because he gets hung up on those three syllable words he learned in junior college. He tries, he gets frustrated and then resorts to foul language, finger pointing and stupid comments like the one about the axe. HE is to blame for making people in authority look stupid in this country. Soledad OBrien and those of her ilk captialize on it for career agrandizement, without thought to the consequences. SHe and Mayor Nagger are equally clueless and equally responsible for hampering efforts to get through these rough times. What Mayor Nagger SHOULD have said, so that Soledad O'Brien couldn't come back at him and call him on his unfortunate misstatements, was, "If you do not leave the city as ordered, you will be without city services, including water, electricity, sewer service, fire protection and police protection for several days to several weeks." That is exactly what the authorities tell people in FLorida during a hurricane evacuation. No excuse for crying on your roof if you've heard that. "Get an axe" doesn't have the same clarity.

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