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Friday, September 09, 2005

Hurricane Victims Are Like Hitler

Steve Cramton, the chief counsel for the American Family Association's "Center for Policy & Law," has written a charming piece of commentry entitled "The Dark Side of Man" in which he spews this little gem,

The souls of those who have embraced crime in New Orleans are of the same basic essence as the souls of Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer ... and you and me. That's right; we are no different from the worst criminal when it comes to the capacity of our hearts to do evil.
So people looting for food and water are equivalent to Stalin, Hitler and Dahmer? So everyone including yourself is equal to these mass murdering monsters? So everyone is capable of murdering millions, starving people to death and cannibalism? How very Christian of you. Twat.

Courtesy of World O'Crap.

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