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Friday, September 09, 2005

A Burst Of Common Sense

A letter writer in the Washington Post nails it. Well done Brenda. I wonder wether Charles will embrace the politicized argument, or will he continue to remain firmly in non-political? Well as non-political as a Republican Party propaganda outlet can be.

I am frustrated by those who suggest that the tragedy in New Orleans should not be "politicized." When something is politicized, it becomes an issue for consideration in public policy. That's important.

The policy that consolidated several federal agencies -- including FEMA -- under the Department of Homeland Security is such an issue. So is the minimum wage, which contributes to a 30 percent poverty rate in New Orleans. Cuts in funding for securing the levees are an issue, as are health care and insurance reform.

Housing and employment policies and what happens to the displaced victims are other issues worth politicizing. And what about what happens to the waste and pollution when the water is pumped out of New Orleans?

I want to see all these issues politicized so that we can have campaigns and debates about them.

Great Falls
Taken from Harry's Place.

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