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Friday, September 09, 2005

3 (and 4) is the magic number

Another laughing boy classic, he happily cuts and pastes a Charles Krauthammer piece about assigning blame with regards Hurrican Katrina. Of course CK blames the mayor of New Orleans and the Louisiana governor first and second respectively, but it's his commentary afterwards on points 3 and 4 that I'm surprised at Charles posting a link to (but obviously not reproducing on LGF). Someone is criticising the President and FEMA Charles why aren't you calling the anti-American?

3. The head of FEMA. Late, slow and in way over his head. On Thursday he says on national television that he didn't even know there were people in the Convention Center, when anybody watching television could see them there destitute and desperate. Maybe in his vast bureaucracy he can assign three 20-year-olds to watch cable news and give him updates every hour on what in hell is going on.

4. The president. Late, slow and simply out of tune with the urgency and magnitude of the disaster. The second he heard that the levees had been breached in New Orleans, he should have canceled his schedule and addressed the country on national television to mobilize it both emotionally and physically to assist in the disaster. His flyover on the way to Washington was the worst possible symbolism. And his Friday visit was so tone-deaf and politically disastrous that he had to fly back three days later.

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