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Friday, May 25, 2007

Women and children first?

It's been a while since we quoted the cesspool of the LGF comments but as Charles has had his little 'jihads' about other sites comments and their vitriol, let's just remind ourselves of the madness over there.

30 Mark Roth 5/24/2007 1:51:34 pm PDT

This is not news. I had a similar plan for the solution to the palestian/Israeli issues. It goes like this:

Pay each palestinian man, woman, child and infant $5000, load them onto airplanes and ship them to Riyad. Once there push them out and repeat until all "palestinians" were safely in Riyad. Then nuke Riyad.

A physician friend of mine had a question about the plan, because he felt the cost of nukes was perhaps unwarranted.

"What altitude do you plan to push them out at?" he asked.

Obvious solution to the problem.

Sarkozy has the "right" idea.
Via The Sphinx in the comments


Anonymous said...

Now imagine if this were an Arab, European or anyone else talking about Israelis. People would be going nuts *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how many Americans think that Sarkozy is going to start the mythical European revolt against and kicking out of the Muslims who have, allegedly, over run us and turned us all into "terrorist loving, burkha wearing pansies."

I'm not sure what happens in America, but over here in Europe there are laws against running people out of the country on the basis of their religion.

Anonymous said...

"What altitude do you plan to push them out at?" he asked.

Welcome to the land of Zionism. Argentina 1978.

Anonymous said...

The liztards are trying to paint sarkozy as one of them, an "Anti-Idiotarian", ie. wants to wipe out the muslims. But i think that the european right is alot different from their retarded american counterparts. Sarkozy opposed the iraq war, accepts recent climate change as man-made, and EVEN SUPPORTS THE PUBLIC FUNDING OF MOSQES!.

Anonymous said...

LGF dreamers like Mark Roth are only fooling themselves with such moronic fantasies. Palestinians are never going to go away. They'll never be driven out from their land. The Israeli right have been trying to force them out violently for decades.

Palestinians have lived in poverty and under the humiliation of Israeli occupation for too long. How much worse can conditions get for them to be forced out?

As if 5000 dollars will make them give up their hope.

Bill said...

Note that the genocide advocate is a physician. How'd you like to be his Muslim patient?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Baruch Goldstein, I presume?

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like a Baruch Goldstein type of asshole to me. These zionists are the ones who ought to be nuked.

Anonymous said...


The Sphinx said...

Anon @8:39,

Don't sink to their level. Let scum be scum, God will judge us all in the end anyway.