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Thursday, May 17, 2007

LGF: Blind on one eye

While Charles Johnson has the time to lament fundamentalist demagogues ("RIP, Jerry Falwell") and post on alleged honor killings in Manchester, he curiously doesn't say a word about a racist attack in Tel Aviv. Three guesses why...


Anonymous said...

How bizarre that Charles should eulogise a rabid anti-semite like Falwell on LGF! The comment thread is fascinating, beginning with a blend of misty-eyed "Christians" full of mourning and priase, and somewhat uneasy secularists, Jews and New Yorkers toning down their distaste for the man in order to not rock the LGF boat. Then it descends into a head-on collision between the rapture-right and the kill-muzzies-right.

Anonymous said...

Pick the dumbest commennts on the Jerry Falwell thread.

Too many to mention but this:

"I'm surprised this post is on LGF. I'm no friend to abortionists, feminists, lesbians, etc., but he's made too many vile remarks for me to ever support him."

Is funny in so many ways :)

It's paradoy, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

the attack was in tel-aviv and the its the mayor of the jerusalem who says that it should be labelled a terrorist attack and that the arab family should be compensated.

Otherwise, great reporting!