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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Killing kids

The story of the Afghan civilians killed by US troops in March got short shrift when it first appeared on LGF. Basically, the lizard crew denounced anyone who reported the story as a traitor and a liar.

Now a senior US commander in Afghanistan has admitted deep shame for the murder of 19 innocents, but don't expect any expression of similar sentiment on LGF. Acknowledging guilt just isn't the LGF-way.

On a related note, Charles Johnson blasts an Australian rookie preacher for comments he made about the killing of children. Tellingly, though, he consciously fails to mention an incident yesterday in which US troops in Iraq apparently did just that: kill children.


Anonymous said...


you've linked to the BBC, there.

Don't you know that the BBC is run by Jew hating, Islamofacist loving pansies?

They make this stuff up cos they hate America.

They ain't a proper news organisation like, say, FoxNews.

Anonymous said...

no no no.... even foxnews is now run by Eco(Communist!)Facists.

"We need to reach them in a sustained way. To weave this issue into our content" -Rupert Murdoch On Getting the message of the GlobalWarming (MYTH!) OUT!!!.


The only source you can trust now is LGF, JW, DW, Malkin,, ect, ect.

How Can Leftists be skeptical of Solid Science like Intelligent Design and Creationism but not Rubbish like Global Warming, its because its a worldwide islamocommufacist conspiracy to enslave the human race!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Catmeat Sheikh", he has been cleared of finacing terrorism,

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with a military response to 911 was that innocent civillians were obviously going to die.

The Hawks, Neocons, many - if not all - Republicans and right-wingers didn't let that deter them.

The bill for the war on terror, so far, in both cash and lives is astronomical.

Millions of lives across the globe could have been improved if the effort behind the WOT had been spent elsewhere.

Still, at least Bush and his supporters feel good about themselves, which is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

I see Charles provided a link to the recent BBC Panaorama doc'.

Hmm, but no one's mentioned the White Brits who can't stand "Pakis" and therefore refuse to integrate with them.

Some of them featured in the documentary.

(try having brown skin when visiting certain English football stadiums to see how eager the locals are to welcome you).

An LGFer quotes one English woman:

Loved the woman-on-the-street (hiding in her doorway) interview, though. She is a pathetic figure, but she's not afraid to speak her mind!
"Roobish. It's roobish. It's frickin' roobish, it is. Their religion. We can't do that. If we did that, we'd be thrown out of the coontry!"

But fails to spot that the English woman doesn't know her own country or her own religion (assuming she's one of those Brits who never goes to church but will tell anyone who asks that shes "Christian and proud of it"

See, the English woman is 100% wrong when she asserts that she's not allowed to celebrate her own religion in her country.

Honestly, she could put together a parade of 20,000,000 Christians all marching around their dreary northern town waving the Union Jack and eating fish and chips and the rest of us wouldn't care.

It's certainly not illegal.

It would, however, be great though if all those English people (there are loads of 'em) who did constantly make up stuff like "We're not allowed to fly our own flag in our country." were banged up in jail - the sourfaced, ignorant, malicious, racists.

I can deal with's the whingers who make crap up in order to justify their feelings of being persecuted and victimised who drive me nuts.

Celebrate your culture. wave your bloody Union Jack...none of the rest us give a shit! We've been telling you for years.

"How many more subways and buses have to blow up before the brits start acting like brits again?
just asking...."

Asks one LGFer

Well, did the Brits act like Brits when the IRA were active on the mainland? Perhaps we acted like the Chinese.

Stupid question.

Define "acting like Brits".

Oh! You can't.

Another LGFer shows off his/her psychic abilities:
"Western Civilization will perish because it has become too civilized to defend itself."

God! I could quote these morons all day.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the 'roobish' woman proclaiming she'd be arrested if she marched for her religion, the first thing I thought of was the Orangemen marches in Northern Ireland. decidedly more confrontational than this Muslim march...

Anonymous said...

Maybe LGF predictions of the collapse of Europe aren't so carzy as I first thought:

This will embolden the Evil Doers.