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Friday, May 18, 2007

Reality. It's a beautiful thing.

So much for the political acumen of John Bolton. In a radio interview this week he declares that World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz is far from certain to get the sack.

Yesterday Wolfowitz got the sack. (Or rather, he negotiated a face-saving exit deal which sees him resign without further struggle)

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh.


The Sphinx said...

Serves him right. I hope my own Egpytian government would follow suit and sack every corrupt politician in power (which sadly makes up the majority, and which probably won't happen anyway). Screw them all.
I can hear the neocons seething now. Awwwww

Anonymous said...

We all know about the neocons and their rosy predictions. lol They're even wrong about each other.

Anonymous said...

Counterpunch has agreat article on the war games that influenced the Neocons to send troops into Iraq:

What's funny is that having lost the war games, they sulked and changed the rules so they'd win.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago I said Rudy made me want to puke.

This video articulates my thoughts and feelings nicely:

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to be the downer of this party, but John Bolton did not say that World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz was far from certain to get the sack. The actual fragment of the conversation follows:
-Bolton: ...I see you are a gravedigger as well. I am not at all sure I see that demise happening yet.
-Interviewer: Umm. You don't think he is fatally flawed?
-Bolton: I don't think he is fatally flawed at all. Whether he holds the job or not, I don't know. I think that remains to be seen.
-Interviewer: Ambassador, many thanks.

From the actual quote to your interpretetion there is, at least, a long distance.

Anonymous said...

Charles is a big fan of British television documentaries and often links to those he has carefully vetted such as "the Great Global Warming Swindle".

Just in case he forgets, can someone remind him to promote this BBC2 one:

Anonymous said...

Someone on LGF appeals for calm and reason re: Ron Paul

"About 70% of what Ron Paul says is 100% correct. He is a fairly radical libertarian, but basically:

1. He is pro-Second Ammendment - Molon Labe

2. He is anti-big Government

3. He is anti-Internet regulation

4. He is anti-taxation

5. He is anti-ballooning federal debt

I disagree with the way he presents his arguments on Iraq, but even there he isn't entirely incorret. The war has degenerated into a true mess. If you listen to the song, he says something like "if you want to go to war then declare it, go fight it, and win it". "

Then goes and spoils it all by making it clear he's in favour of genocide:

"I couldn't agree more. America should have smashed Islamism throughout Arabia without regard to "collateral damage" until after the dust had settled."

I sit just me or is
There something deeply troubling about one internet loony trying to reason with a shedload of others?

Anonymous said...

Part of me hopes that the WingNuts do get the man they dream of, Rudy, as President.

As the WOT goes to shit and Iraq implodes, it'll be good to sees some smug Republican millionaire have to take responsibility for the debacle instead of some other chumps carrying the can.

After another 8 years of Republican rule, even the dumbest LGEFers might realise they've been lead by fools and liars.