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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LGF lies, the truth dies

Reader WD writes:

I've noticed the little green facists are fixated about the Hamas Mouse program. What they're not telling everyone is that the translation from MEMRI is completely wrong.

I've done a couple of posts (1, 2) about it.

Also, a guy that works on CNN's arabic desk has said MEMRI's translation is PANTS.

As has the angry arab news service.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it MEMRI that lied about Ahmadinejad calling for Irael to be "wiped off the map"? He never said anything even close to that. It was deliberate mistranslation. Of course MEMRI was founded by some pretty hardcore racial supremacists and don't exactly hide the fact that they exist to promote the Israeli government. They're about as reliable as Fox News as far as factuality goes.

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous, as far as reliability goes, there barely exists a source that is pathetically unreliable (and one-sided and biased and inaccurate and ..) as MEMRI

AM said...

MEMRI was founded and run by Yigal Carmon, a retired Israeli colonel who served in Israeli intelligence. Even if some of the articles MEMRI translates turn out accurate, they are highly cherry picked, usually focsing on extremists and portraying them as mainstream. But seems thats not enough for them, they also engage in deliberate mis-translation as we see here.

Selective MEMRI:,7792,773258,00.html

Legalize said...

It soooo doesn't matter to Chuckles and his band of nit-wits that reality constanty contradicts what they *know* to be "true."

Anonymous said...

MEMRI is just another well-funded political activism group. Dont be fooled by the name.

"Israel good, Arabs bad."