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Monday, May 07, 2007

LGF: Foreign policy by numbers

It's great that Charles Johnson is keeping close track of anti-car violence in the French banlieues (1), but one has to wonder how his assessment of the situation in France based on these reports (MSM reports no less!) squares with his otherwise total dismissal of, say, the death toll in Iraq, the cost of the War on Terror, or Bush's approval ratings. For if Charles were an honest kind of guy (which he isn't), he would recognize that while numbers can tell you a lot about what is going on on the other side of the world, sometimes it takes a little more local insight to truly appreciate the situation on the ground.

To give an example, traveling through Paris less than 24 hours after Sarko's victory, there were no riots at Gare du Nord. Neither were there gangs of delinquent youths (which tellingly translates as 'Muslims' in LGFistan) marauding the streets. Nor was there a total breakdown of French society caused by leftist cabbies, train drivers and council workers going on strike. In fact, Paris, and the rest of France, went about its daily routine today just like any other Monday, with the exception of some good-natured discussion of the election results and what might happen during the next five years.

Of course, that kind of insight wouldn't play well on LGF, where the election of Sarkozy represents a defining moment in the Clash of Civilizations/War on Terror, perhaps even the start of an all out Intifada for the soul of Europe.

Sorry to disappoint the lizards, but France just experienced a peaceful, democratic, and extremely sane election campaign with a deserved winner based on the will of more than 85 percent of eligible voters. No Florida Recount, no Supreme Court appeals, no bombing of polling stations.

Sarko may not be to many voters tastes (and the youths in the banlieues have good reason to distrust him), but even 'leftists' admit he has a fighting spirit that could come in handy during the political and economic reform process ahead. People can respect that. And now that the election campaign is over, it is hoped Sarko will also respect those who fear what his policies may bring - hey, he might even try to make them work by listening to people first, something he has asked his international allies to do to France.

We'll see what happens. If, like Charles Johnson, you delight in murder and mayhem, there are sure to be incidents that draw your applause in the months to come. A riot, an anti-Semitic crime, strikes, they're all grist to the mill for the pea-brained lizards that frequent LGF. The rest of us are going to take a broader view. And we'll see who's right in the end.


Anonymous said...

The latest from the foreign-policy challenged on el gee eff: The violence continued in France tonight, and so did the puzzling reluctance of mainstream media to cover it...

Why yes! A search on google news for "France+violence" provides only in excess of 3000 results.

It's a damned cover up, I tells ya! The MSM are concealing the news from us! It's a conspira-saaayyy! Them against us! United we must stand! (Please contribute to the tip jar) The illegal immigrants are trying to take our guns away and make us practice Islamomuslimanity!

Anonymous said...

My favorite bit: For someone who calls anyone who talks about LGF negatively more than once a "stalker", CJ seems to care a whole lot about the opinions of HuffPo, CAIR and Daily Kos. He mentions them constantly!

Rob H.

jamal said...

Hello. im glad i have found this site and will link to you. LGF really irritates me.

Legalize said...

Consulting Chuckles or any of the knuckle-draggers who populate his blog about foreign policy or world events is like inquiring of a creepy, obsessive, bottom-feeding, pasty paranoid-delusional coward residing in his parent's basement, his views on dating.

Oh, wait.

The Sphinx said...

There is no rational explanation for Charlie's obsession with CAIR and Kos. Paranoia maybe? Whatever it is, I'll call it LGFitis

thecaptain said...


do you think he has something to hide, perhaps?

The Sphinx said...

Thecaptain, maybe he's a great fan of Kos.. It gives him material to feed his drooling fans.