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Sunday, May 27, 2007

CJ's jokes bomb

A reader writes to point out a post in which Charles Johnson attempts to crack a joke about war:

Here we have a picture of unarmed Palistinians who are, quite understandably, running for their lives as they see (or, more likely hear) an bomb about to land nearby. It's a powerful picture.

So, faced with the realization that this image doesn't really fit "war against the jihadis" / Israel is infallible narrative, along with the fact that it doesn't appear to be a photoshop, Charles resorts to making a childish joke about it.

Now, I say this is telling because this would appear to be the work of someone who wishes to deflect some of the guilt that goes along with cheerleading wars from the comfort of a computer chair in an undisclosed location in California. After all, the reality is that bomb probably killed a few people who weren't donning balaclavas and AK-47s. This has got to be one of the strangest (albeit creative) exercises in denial I have ever seen in my life.

And the lizards, faced with the same realization, make every desperate attempt to postulate that the photo is photoshopped, the event didn't happen, or that the bomb in the picture couldn't be Israeli. Others, like members of some demented cult, actually applaud Charles for making them laugh (because war is so funny, ya know), No one debated the how's or why's involved with the original photo. Actually, the reaction was quite the opposite. Charles' odd sense of humor actually made their day!

And to think that a couple of posts later they chide the Kos crowd for "grappling with reality".


The Sphinx said...

It's just as ironice as their cheering for Thailand for appointing a former assassin as the security advisor, because his vow to deal harshly with "insurgents".

But oh, this fellow is against Muslims, so screw the fact that he has lots of blood on his hands, and that "his expertise is to kill people and deal with things by force." Or even better so because he'd be able to pluck up the courage to exterminate those darrrn varmin pesky muslams.

At the same time ask any Lizard how they define a Muslim, and you'll get something in the line of: "Uhh.. They kill infidels, and.. umm.. do everything by force.."

More solid proof that LGF endorses murder.

thecaptain said...

I see his latest 'memogate' has crashed and burned too.

As for the Thailand thread, that was a hoot, in a deranged way, i.e. "... this is what we need to be doign ourselves, sort them, out, kill, kill, etc, etc, blah,.. "

On a related issue, have you noticed one of the lizards, the so called "Pro Bush Canuck" seems to have slipped off the wagon recently. On the Thai thread, he was banging on, again, about killing millions of muslims. Charles used to stamp down on this kind of sh1t, but he doesn't seem to care anymore.