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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Excuse us....

...but the hypocrisy detector has just gone into meltdown.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Considering he's a person who operates a site which has a comments section 'fanbase' that regularly calls for (and by regular we mean almost every story....including the ones about cycling) the mass murder of Muslims, includes sick jokes and songs about dead activists, death threats, racism, homophobia and general jaw dropping bigotry........Charles Johnson sure likes to point and shriek at others doing exactly the same.

P.S. For those not realising the huge difference between LGF and Digg here's the rub. LGF is a closed community....i.e. all the comments there are generally made by regulars who share the same mindset whilst Digg is open to every nutjob who can just about manage a keyboard.


The Sphinx said...

Sometimes I really ask myself if Chuckles is serious or just having a laugh, at the cost of his practically non-existent credibility. Never in my life have I seen a bigger hypocrite. Ever.

But you know, in Charlie's world, God apparently did not create all humans equal. And as some people are inferior to others, the superior race of humans has a holy right not to be insulted or criticized in ANY way. Whereas the rest can preferably die, or just exist and get taunted for his sick crowd's sole amusement.

Remember the Umar Lee incident? Was very funny in a way, as the good fellow called LGFers racists, and they perfectly proved his point by sending him a hoard of angry e-mails and comments calling him a n*gger, raghead, and a n*gger-lover.

If I were any good at animation, I'd make a cartoon about our favourite blog. Every post inspires enough for an episode.

The Sphinx said...

Check out this gem: Ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, racism and violence all in one single comment:

# 39 AZfederalist

Wow, muslims in a Caribbean paradise. So, they plan to bag the women there too? There's a plan that's destined for failure (at least among those Jamaican women with at least two brain cells to rub together).

/You want me to wear a what?! In this heat!?!
Are you @#$%'n out of your ever-livin' jihadi mind?! Wear this, you goat-@#$%'n 7'th century !@#$ in a dirty nightshirt! Clang!

Anonymous said...

Stupid LGF post of the month:

"Should be interesting what excuse google comes up with next year even though we all know they have no excuse except they're obvious America haters (except for the almighty American dollar, that is.)"

Yes, that's right. You can, apparently, add Google to the long list of people who "hate" America.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry! Make this the dumbest post of the month:

"Google hates America, and all of our freedoms, except theirs, plain and simple."

Anonymous said...

Google has had special logos for American Independence Day, MLK and Thanksgiving since at least 2000. Look them up for yourselves.

There may be a reason for Google excluding a Memorial Day logo, but it sure isn't because they "hate America", that's for sure. Lizardtards will grasp at any straw to prove that they are being persecuted for their nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Are those stupid kids still trying to exploit Digg? I actually quit using Digg because of how rampant that got and the higher-ups refused to deal with it since it increased traffic. They go encourage their little cult to make multiple accounts and spam their genocide propaganda while Digging them all up with each and every extra account they have to keep all their shit on Diggs front page. They used the same method to bury any story that was keeping an LGF one off the front page, or was about to push an LGF one off the front page.