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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Charles Johnson doesn't read LGF comments

It's either that or he writes them all himself and therefore attributes the term "Various good people of the anti-idiotarian-fightin’-the-islamofascists-jihadi-hatin’-non-dimmi variety" only to himself.

And naturally someone who gripes on and on for four posts about how a poll is presented isn't "hopping mad", is he Charles?


ryan said...

Oh but the comments have nothing to do with LGF, honest, nothing at all. [sarcasm]

Legalize said...

I love how the wingers all discovered the term "ad hominem" on the same day, and bust it out every time they are criticized. I also love to hear about Chuckles whining about his positions being "misrepresented."

Does anyone beside his brood of knuckle-draggers take LGF seriously at all any more? I mean, Chuckles is a parody of himself at this point.

Anonymous said...

Is charlie reporting this? -

The Sphinx said...

No protests at LGF over this. Notice the inclusion of women and infants in this "plan".