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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Those evil journalists

Once again those dhimmi journalists in Euroland have been kow-towing to Islamofascism and denying the existence of terrorist cells on the continent while a lone voice of reason on the other side of the world (Charles Johnson) and his loony green friends battle valiantly to bring you the truth the lefty MSM won't.

With the help of a mere four videos stolen from 'UKTV', of course...


Anonymous said...

In todays Guardian (British Loony Left Moonbat Newspaper only read by terrorist lovers ) is a special six page photoshoot from Afghanistan.

Charles wont be covering the story as it doesn't fit his "cowardly Brit Islamofacist loving Europeans" agenda so I'll quote some of the captions here:

"British medics in the immediate resonse zone treat a soldier shot during a battle with the Taliban in Naw Zad"

"A rear gunner on board a Chinook going to rescue casualties"

"British and US soldiers board a chinook at the "Fob Roy" base near Sangin"

"US soldiers wounded in a Taliban mine attack are loaded on to a British medical rescue holicopter"

I've looked closely at these photos and I can confirm that in none of them does Charles appear.

MJ said...

I've seen this story everywhere....front page of most newspapers.....editorial comments....rolling 24 hour news....

I'd hate to see what the coverage would be if they went to town on the issue.

merkur said...

My favourite comment on the thread about Newsnight's Al-Muhajiroun coverage:

"Did this air on a main channel for the BBC or was it a late night, obscure channel type of thing? I'm surprised the dhimmi BBC would investigate a story like this much less broadcast it."

Tragically, nobody has the heart to explain that his surprise (like so many other readers of LGF) is easily explained by the fact that his almost complete ignorance of the world is because he relies on sites such as LGF as a source of credible news.

Anonymous said...

Here's a quiz for the LGFers: Who referred to an Israeli attack on Beirut as a 'holocaust'?

a. Ronald Reagan
b. Bill Clinton
c. Michael Moore
d. Robert Fisk

The answer.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it's pretty obvious that Reagan was using that word for shock value and not because he thought it actually was a holocaust. He was mostly just interested in the bad press.

Anonymous said...

watch the lizards self destruct: