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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When Reality Bites

One of the LGF 'minions' realises that Charles has a distinct and bigoted agenda:

Still I read less and less of LGF's comment section because I think Charles is blowing it by never castigating people who post stuff that discredits his site. Sure he catches the mobies and a few of the more obvious racists, but he never tries to keep the "we'll nuke them all one day" or "all Muslims are enemies" comments on this side of sanity. One can only assume that there's no such thing as going too far in those directions, for Charles' taste.
Fair point but racists? There are more on there now than ever.

I think Charles is standing for a good cause (the war on terror), but I'm also coming to the conclusion that he's a bigot at heart and likes having bigots in his comment section say what he's too savy to say himself. of the class for that comment. Well done.

PS in the same thread a regular LGF ghoul states:

Pay no attention that Bigel was banned permanently for such rants.
Actually Bigel was banned for this comment insulting Reaganites drinking prowess.

#6 bigel 4/15/2005 6:28:29 PM
Ed Mahmoud et. al.. Reaganite was on here the other day, saying you are a wuss who can't hold your liquor. He also claims he's been drunk in more places than you. Are you going to let those insults to your manhood go unchallenged?

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