Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fox News Critical Of War Shocker!

If Bush's arch-propagandists at Fox are questioning the ground war who does Bush have left? Maybe it's an opening for Little Green Footballs and Pajama Media? Then again maybe not.

E.D. Hill, one of the "Fox & Friends" morning show anchors, said she thought the Iraq war "was a justified one" but now worries "that there's not a plan to actually win that ground war."

"Well, E.D., I can assure you that's not the case," Bartlett (President Bush's counselor) assured her. Allowing that it's been a "bumpy process" with "difficult days," he asserted: "We have the right strategy to prevail."

Hill was not reassured by this assurance. "I guess I'm not convinced," she replied.

Fewer and fewer Americans are being convinced by the Bush administration.

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