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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Congratulations Charles!

Charles Johnson has been awarded the prestigious Kombat Keyboard Badge with Double Chickenhawks. Well done Charles, for it is you above all others that has deserved a prize like this. Thanks to your in-depth knowledge of military tactics, Middle East politics, Sharia law, Palestine and cycling a whole group of social misfits, survivalist nutjobs, bigots, felons, 9/11 fantasists and general wackos can call your blog home.

Wear this badge with honour.

Other winners are,

KKB with double Chickenhawk winners

Jonah Goldberg
Ben Shapiro
Ann Coulter
Victor Davis Hanson
Rich Lowry
Peter Beinart
Glen Beck
David Brooks
Michelle Malkin
Clifford May
John Hindrocker
Roger L. Simon

KKB with single chickenhawk

Paul Gormely
Ken Robinson
Alan Lipton
Adam Rusch

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