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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Essential Decency And Humanity? History Making?

Compare and contrast.

Shiplord Kirel 8/30/2005 11:08PM PDT
#16 Charles and #17 Ronaldusmagnus

Good call, and yet another sign of the essential decency and humanity of this history-making operation, the LGF weblog.

Shiplord Kirel 8/13/2005 03:46PM PDT
My fantasy:

A Delta team snatches Sheehan away to safety in the middle of the night, then a fleet of Chinooks descends to release, not hordes of soldiers, but legions, great howling swarms, of hungry wolves, currently held in our special bunker beneath the Denver Airport for this very purpose. They proceed to gorge themselves on gamy buttocks and Moonbat pate.
If you fantasise about that, you need help. There's something rotten in their big hearted brain trust.

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