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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Fitting Mission

Emphasis Added describes the dawning realisation by certain LGF'ers that their War on Terror (or whatever it's called this week) may actually bring about their worst nightmare. A pro-Iranian Islamic Republic.

Let’s forgive our friends on the Right for only now understanding that “democracy” in Iraq means giving power to a majority that is profoundly illiberal, religiously aligned with Iran, and not especially interested in American values or American interests. Let’s even forgive them for failing to understand how this was the almost inevitable outcome once Bush decided on the Iraq invasion. It’s not in their nature to question the seriousness, sincerity, or competence of their leaders, or to readily believe evidence that contradicts their beliefs.

But at the same time, Bush captured the imagination of these folks by promising to stand tall for American values and kick the ass of our freedom-hating, suicide bombing, Koran-believing Islamist enemies. They’re willing to stand for the occasional setback, screwup or atrocity along the way. These things happen in war, after all, and in any case, the media probably made it all up to make America look bad.

At some point, though, there’s no way to sugarcoat it, even to people eager to swallow bullshit by the shovelfull. Signing the place over to the Bad Guys is not a victory. Creating a pro-Iranian Islamic Republic in Iraq is not a fit mission for American troops and it’s sure as hell no reason for Americans to die.

We’ll know pretty soon if this is really the position our leadership is willing to settle for as the price of leaving Iraq as fast as possible. If it is, George W. Bush will have truly done the impossible: taken the first steps toward unifying the Red-Blue divide in opposition to his own failure!

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