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Monday, August 22, 2005

Shock And Horror

It seems we're not the only people who find the LGF'ers fake shock at the impending Shari'a based system in Iraq a tad silly. Tony Plutonium shares the disbelief at LGF stupidity and ignorance here:

I find the reaction amusing on any number of levels, the most obvious one being: what the fuck did they THINK was going to happen when we came in, deposed the Baathists and then pushed for a quick constitution? Didn't we all say two years ago that this was the likely outcome? But these guys are feeling absolutely betrayed - how dare anyone try to write religion into a constitution?!?!? Oh, wait - unless it's THEIR religion and OUR constitution. I guess that would make it okay. At least some of the commenters are honest in their statements that Islam in general, not terrorists, is the enemy and the entity that must be defeated. They're asshats, but at least they're more honest asshats. I'm also curious about the continued calls for Muslim clerics to publicly state their opposition and non-support for terrorists - has anyone called on the AOG or the Southern Baptist Convention or the Pope to publicly denounce Eric Rudolf or state that anti-abortion extremists terrorizing young women in front of Planned Parenthood clinics are NOT doing the Lord's work?

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