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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What Lies?

In a post entitled "Dog Bites Man, Lefties Lie", Charles Johnson happily reports that Media Matters were 'busted' while smearing Cliff Kincaid. As usual Charles won't bother doing any follow up work on this story. Here's Media Matters response.

In response to an August 19 Media Matters for America item about his attempts to have Newsweek investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff extradited to Afghanistan, Accuracy In Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid used his America's Survival Inc. website to accuse Media Matters of a "false and defamatory" attack. But Kincaid's attack misrepresented the original Media Matters item and failed to point out a single falsehood.
And it seems that Mr Kincaid's excuse for recreating the letter was to hide his home address on the America's Survival website. However, Media Matters point out:

If this is true, Kincaid should be much more careful. His home address already appears on the America's Survival website for all the world to see.
Oops. Dropped the ball there Cliff.

Kincaid has identified no such "charges" made by Media Matters that are false. Media Matters noted that the letter Kincaid posted on the America's Survival site was an electronic collage, hence our use of quotation marks around the word "letter." Kincaid has acknowledged as much. There can be nothing "false and defamatory" about describing the letter in a way Kincaid admits is accurate.

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