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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LGF Connects Some Dots

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the picture, I just cannot stop posting it. OK, I'm finally getting around to posting this. Charles has fired another shot today at his nemesis Robert Spencer by linking to an article about Spencer by Kejda Gjermani (Medaura at LGF):

Connecting Some Dots

Opinion | Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 9:48:09 pm PST

Kejda Gjermani has been researching some Connections.

From Gjermani's article:

While I don’t think Spencer and his associates stand a chance of implementing what I fear are their stealth policies, their shrill and unfortunately universally accepted identification with “the counter-jihadist movement” is severely detrimental to the efforts of respectable intellectuals standing up to Islamofascism. Front groups for radical Islamist interests — along with their Western apologists — conveniently employ such critics of compromised backgrounds as straw men against any legitimate scrutiny of their own activities. I believe everyone acquainted with Robert Spencer’s work should consider the causes he is involved with and the company he keeps before lending him support; this is one more reason for me to write about him....

....At this point, I would like to briefly revisit the recent online debacle over Robert Spencer being caught joining a genocidal Facebook group championing the “Reconquest of Anatolia,” which would be accomplished through the ethnic cleansing and forced sterilization of the Turkish population. Anyone disposed to charitably dismiss the evil lunacy espoused by the group as merely hyperbolic sentiment ought to remember that Robert Spencer is closely associated with a man who has personally participated in an actual ethnic-cleansing campaign of similar proportions. Spencer’s family background is a reasonable fit for irredentist intentions toward Turkey, not to mention his seething hatred for everything Muslim/Islamic:

This article is rather interesting to anyone interested in Spencer beyond merely agreeing with everything he writes, and I highly recommend it, as write-ups of Spencer are rare but starting to gain more prominence online. I must also note that Gjermani mentions the fact that Spencer has threatened legal action against her, and that he does this rather regularly to people who write about him without agreeing with him and heaping praise upon him.

Here's one comment from the LGF post, and I fully expect for Spencer to fire back at this attack, so there may well be much more to post on on this subject. One thing's clear though, Johnson's not giving these attacks up anytime soon. So follow the links, have fun, enjoy that someone other than me is attacking Spencer seriously, and were Sphinx not on sabbatical, I'd say "pass the popcorn", but alas.....

9 Fat Jolly Penguin 2/24/09 10:01:57 pm reply quote

re: #6 FurryOldGuyJeans

Some will never accept the truth of the ties.

Spencer himself, for example.


Orhan said...

"Reconquest of Anatolia"???? Who is going to do that. Does Spencer and his ilk have the courage to pull that? The last time they tried they were driven into the sea by the Turks in 1922.
My message to R.Spencer is "Bring it on" as a Turk Im ready for a clash with they cretins!

Winston said...

They are some raving lunatics there. I just got blocked by the Dear Leader cause I fought with his minions. I am glad though. Crappy place!

Anonymous said...

But today, Charles posts an ode to Obama!

Charles is following almost the exact same path as Andrew Sullivan. Indeed, I can hardly tell them apart anymore!