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Monday, February 09, 2009

Whose Free Speech?

Posted at Gates of Vienna Vs. The World Vs. LGF. I just reposted here for fun. I didn't post the whole enchilada as it has less to do with LGF but is still a "watch" type of post that includes the mindset of the "counter-jihadosphere" as seen also by LGF. The recent posts here including Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer encouraged me to post in part here. Enjoy!:

Sorry to take the tone to a more serious note here, but there have been many comments lately regarding freedom of speech, something I am all for (despite Robert Spencer's emailed accusations to the contrary). It is just glaringly obvious that the only free speech cried for by the "counter-jihadists" is for those critical of Islam yet they would happily see all Muslims silenced. Take the case of Dutch politician Geert Wilders for example, a case that is being pounded again and again at Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs, with links in both sidebars. Here is part of Spencer's take on the issue:

I have personally heard him sound much less cavalier and indifferent than this about this question, but ultimately that is immaterial. The whole purpose of free speech laws is to protect speech that the powerful find offensive, because it threatens their power. And that, as I explained above, is why this is happening.

He also once wrote in a national newspaper: "I've had enough of the Koran in the Netherlands: Forbid that fascist book."

"Forbid that fascist book"?!? This is a case for freedom of speech and expression? Why are they crying for free speech while supporting those who want to silence their own opposition? Ahh yes, base hypocrisy. Yet someone must call them on it, so here I am.

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