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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As long time LGF watchers know, "Zombie" is a well known contributor to LGF, often referred to as "An LGF Operative", example:

LGF, PJ Media, Zombie Team Up for Convention Coverage
Little Green Footballs ^ | 8-24-08 | Charles Johnson

Posted on Mon Aug 25 11:07:54 2008 by SeafoodGumbo

We have something special planned for the Democratic Convention this coming week!

Little Green Footballs and Pajamas Media are joining forces to send the undead creature known only as Zombie to the Convention, for the kind of exclusive, slightly bent coverage only an undead creature can provide.


Zombie’s reports will begin tomorrow, the opening day of the Convention. The reports will appear simultaneously at LGF and PJ Media; here at LGF they’ll show up as front page articles just like the ones I post.

We’re looking forward to this week; there’s no way to tell when or how often Zombie’s reports will show up, so stay tuned to LGF and PJ for the latest.

Way to go, LGF!

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