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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where credit is due

On Charles' latest post as of now ( ), we find something positive to report on:

Mission Statement of the Day

I’ve posted this many times in LGF comments, but with the increasing extremism of the so-called “anti-jihad movement,” it’s time to make it a front page post.

If you argue that it’s vitally necessary to deport the entire Muslim population of the United States, you are ADVOCATING MASS MURDER.

Yes, I’m shouting.

There is no way in hell that you can uproot millions of people, most of whom have done nothing wrong, and throw them all out of the country, without committing mass violence. People will resist this with all their hearts.

No decent American would stand for it. It’s an un-American, evil idea to its very core.

And not only that, it’s a stupid, empty, meaningless fantasy that will never happen. When you start ranting about it at LGF, you achieve nothing but to drag everyone here into the muck, and make us all look like extremists, fascists, and brain-dead morons. Only a very few comments like this appear at LGF, but they can tar the whole site by association.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few “anti-jihad” blogs that have no problem whatsoever with this kind of hate speech, and some that actually invite it, so if you really want to rave like a lunatic about it you can easily find somewhere that will let you. But I won’t tolerate it here, and if you post a comment advocating this reeking garbage heap of an idea, your comment will be deleted and your account will be history.

You know Charles, we probably don't and will not agree on a lot of things, but this is one of those points where we gladly show you both thumbs up. No seriously, consider this a round of applause from LGF Watch, and I say this not through gritted teeth, but with a sincere smile on my face.

So if any lizards are lurking around here, take note of this.

Alrighty then..


ChenZhen said...

Any idea what prompted this Sphinx? Just seems rather odd.

He says "only a very few" comments like it appear at LGF, yet suddenly he felt the need to make this disclaimer. And shouting it, no less.

And he didn't cite any examples of the "anti-jihad"* blogs that he alludes to, making the whole exercise a bit of a strawman.

*BTW- What does it mean to be "anti-jihad", exactly? I've never really figured that one out.

stvip said...

Of course I do not support mass-deportation of Muslims.

However, it is worth pointing out that factually, it can and has been carried out successfully in the past without the use of violence. The most relevant examples is the expulsion of Kuwait's 300,000 Palestinian population following Arafat's support of Saddam.

and comparing the world's response to that (silence) vs. its vilification of Israel should tell you everything you need to know about the motives of people like the Sphinx (hint: not care for the plight of the Palestinians).

Anonymous said...

What's his opinion on spying Americans and torture?

Anonymous said...

The pig is out of the hangar.

The Sphinx said...

Chen, I was quite positively surprised, but I guess there is some kind of sense in the guy. Flaming hypocrite, yes. Arrogant, yes. But he's not as rotten as other certain individuals.

Anyway, you can define Jihad in the true Islamic sense, which has nothing to do with combat, except in case of self-defense, and everything to do with striving towards good deeds and bettering yourself, in which case "anti-jihad"-ism is rendered meaningless. And before some of you start furiously typing "LIARLIARLIARLIAR" into your keyboards, note that I do know my own religion better than all of you, and (just like millions of other Muslims) faithfully live by this definition of Jihad and none else, least of all the false 'evil' definition people like Robert Spencer are making their careers out of.

The best definition of that sort of "anti-jihad" would be "Anti-terrorism mixed with some ignorance".

And now while we're at it, somebody explain to me what the hell "islamist" is supposed to mean. So far I haven't seen anybody give a clear definition of this term, and what's the difference between that and "Muslim".

Oh and stvip, while you're acting like my personal psychiatrist: The collective punishment against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for the PLO's support for Saddam is just as despicable as any people calling for it to be committed against Muslims in the West. No even more despicable, because it has been carried out, contrary to the inane calls of basement dwelling antisocial idiots rotting in front of their PCs.

There. I said it. Just because you didn't hear me do that before doesn't mean I wouldn't. According to that logic, I conclude that you don't give a crap about Rwandans because you didn't comment on the 1994 genocide that claimed around 800'000 lives. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

ChenZhen - anti-Jihad is another inadequate label people that oppose extremist/fundamentalist Islam and its associated manifestations.

Some liberals are able to see the difference between being anti-Jihadists and being anti-Muslim. They stick by their principles and campaign against

* the extreme homophobia & misogyny mandated by extremist clerics

* the gruesome medieval punishments advocated in the Qu'ran and carried out in counties like Iran, Saudi, Somlia

* the flagrant racism and Islamic supremacist groups which varies from copies of Mein Kampf being sold in religious bookshops in London, to Judeophobic cartoons that litter Egyptian press to the world domination ambitions of those that want to subjugate "the kuffar" under a caliphate.

This imperialist aspect of extreme Islam is opposed, not just by liberals, but also by nationalist movements who an opportunity to spread their own racism views to a suitably wary general public.

Liberal anti-Jihadists feel disappointed and disenfranchised by the liberal mainstream who shy away from expressing their progressive principles when it comes to Islamic imperialism and barbarity.

Anonymous said...


Islamist means extreme Muslims, this is like saying environmentalist or fundamentalist, or Stalinist . it all implies extreme adherence. (see fundies)

It is actually useful word that does not generalize all Muslims, but I often bump into Muslims on the internet who think I'm saying all Muslims when I use 'Islamists'. But even in Arabic it is used : "Al-Islamiyoon". in your home country Egypt, don't they call that on the extreme Muslims? I heard it in your soap operas too.

To Stvip,

if so, why the US did not do anything as well about deportation of Palestinians from Kuwait? since Kuwait was an ally of the US and US forces stationed there after the liberation of Kuwait. and that does not mean Arabs approve of what they did. almost all Arab governments do not represent the people, and they are hypocrite for sure, they would do worst than they claim Israel do. but that does not mean they are right.

Stvip, If you want to be like Arab countries, sure, good luck with that, but you have to attend the do-nothing Arab league then, talk too much but do nothing, oppress your people and make all your MSM as FOX News (a.k.a Al-Jazeera).

X said...

second that, sphinx

Anonymous said...

second that, Anonymous @ 2/20/2009 07:25:00 PM