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Saturday, February 21, 2009

10,000 Anti-Muslim Maniacs

(Sorry for the length here, I thought it was rather worth it; cross posted at Gates of Vienna Vs. The World Vs. LGF)

It was really only a matter of time. Lizard Queen Sharmuta alerted Charles Johnson to the OUTRAGE of Pamela Geller after her hilarious handling by The National Post in the thread in which Johnson attacked Robert Spencer today (sounding like a soap opera yet? Oh, but it really is....) and Charles started sniffing around like the hound he is. Not like a journalist mind you. Oh, no. We're far from that realm here, which is exactly why we here post about it, and exactly why Chris Selley of The National Post ripped into Pamela Geller as well. But what's a good Blog War Soap Opera without repercussions? Enter Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, just like the gloating daytime beauty queen evil mastermind on TV, here to post on Pamela's minor downfall:

The story of one of the most disgusting publicity stunts I think I’ve ever heard of: Chris Selley: How not to memorialize Aqsa Parvez.

Johnson then quotes the article, which was covered by us here, then adds his commentary:
But the craziness doesn’t stop there. Geller also claimed that Barack Obama was the love child of Malcolm X. Yep, really. Her loony post made it into the Comedy Central Indecision 2008 blog, but she was not joking.

Come on Charles, there's obviously so much more you could have done with this story! It's just that Charles is not entirely in on the joke because he is also part of the joke. This is, after all, the man who had just accused Robert Spencer of stooping to the tactics of the mutual targets of both men, "the islamists", so it wouldn't exactly behoove him to get too giddy over Pamela being outraged at having been called "an anti-Muslim maniac". Still, give us something, Chuckles!, something more than the comments section:

3 Racer X 2/20/09 3:15:06 pm reply quote

Don't forget her Nirth Certifikate!

8 teleskiguy 2/20/09 3:16:39 pm reply quote

We need less people like this on our side making waves, and more people like Charles hollerin' loud 'n clear! It's people like Geller who delegitimize what is an absolutely legitimate (and RIGHT, pun intended)point of view. Thank you Charles, for exposing these effing nutballs on our side.

"On our side"?!? "Exposing"?? Um, OK...

10 Bloodnok 2/20/09 3:16:58 pm reply quote

Don't worry, Robert Spencer will probably threaten to sue the author for her. /

13 Dark_Falcon 2/20/09 3:18:59 pm reply quote

Oh, BTW, Charles pointed this out on an earlier thread: Check out the comments. Our former friend, Robert Spencer, stops by to vomit out some his own deranged bile.

Uh oh, looks like I have an update to do.....

26 eon 2/20/09 3:23:02 pm reply quote

With people like Geller, etc., on "my side" (and I use the term extremely loosely), I think I'm beginning to get a fair idea of what a traditional liberal (like Joe Lieberman) feels like when having to talk to the likes of, say, the guy from DailyKos.

It's like trying to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity (that, among other things, pretty much limits space travel to speeds below 300,000 km/sec) to a "UFO contactee" type. (Good luck with that one. I've tried.)



Tell me this guy is starting to get a clue and not just rapidly sinking....

59 Anthony (Los Angeles) 2/20/09 3:34:09 pm reply quote

I gave a little money for that headstone, because I felt terrible (then and now) for yet another victim of honor killing -- and who, at the time, had only a pauper's marker, if I recall right. And now I'm sorry it's become such a damnable football. Aqsa Pervez doesn't deserve that.

I stopped reading Atlas a couple of years ago because her shrillness and all-or-nothing views. As a UK friend of mine would put it, she doesn't just go over the top: she's over the top and three trenches deep before the whistle even blows. Now I wish I had listened to my rational side and stayed away this time, too.

61 Killgore Trout 2/20/09 3:35:29 pm reply quote

I don't feel the plan to erect a memorial or buy a gravestone is terribly inappropriate, although I can see the argument. But what is very clear is that Pamela's rabid antics and crazy conspiracy theories have lead people in the real world to consider her a nut and a problem. It's easy to get sucked into the accolades from fellow nuts on the internet but that doesn't change the fact that she's still a nut in the real world. Normal people don't want to be involved with her.
Judging from her reaction to this article it's pretty clear that she doesn't see the problem.

66 Killgore Trout 2/20/09 3:38:13 pm reply quote

re: #62 snowcrash

She should get permission to plant a tree and lay a plaque at the deceased girls high school where other young people can remember her by name.

She tried that but the school refused to allow it because of Pamela's nuttiness.

67 VioletTiger 2/20/09 3:38:44 pm reply quote

re: #61 Killgore Trout
Agree. And nuts attract nuttier nuts.

88 nyc redneck 2/20/09 3:45:20 pm reply quote

pamela's dog and pony show is so inappropriate for such a solemn occasion.
barging her way into this and taking over.
maybe the girl has some family members who care for her.
or pamela could have worked w/ her friends and let them make decisions since they actually know her.
mourning a loved one is a personal thing.
pamela may have meant well but she needs to learn some discretion and subtlety, even if it an issue she feels strongly abt.
other wise it looks like the whole thing is abt. her and not the deceased young woman who was murdered by her father in the name of islam.
this tragedy is abt. sensitivity and awareness.
not self promotion.'s all self-promotion, redneck!

101 Cato the Elder 2/20/09 4:06:21 pm reply quote

[...] in my non-professional opinion, she’s at least a few chickpeas short of a falafel.

Over on Atlas Simpers, crazy Pam takes this as evidence that the author is a anti-Semite.

Not kidding.
102 NY Nana 2/20/09 4:06:46 pm reply quote

re: #77 Killgore Trout

This thread should be kept as the top thread for a week, at least, for anyone who wonders why we are so anti-Geller LOOK AT ME, ME, ME!

I never even entertained the idea that she could go any lower than the night when she went after Charles, her 'blog daddy' . Was I ever wrong! She keeps going lower, lower and lower, and I will bet that she has yet to reach bottom.

Sorry for the caps and the bold, but yes, I am that pissed.

OK Sphinx, hope you made the popcorn, it's time to pass it around. Pastorius gets negative ratings for trying to stand up for Pamela and Sharmuta talks big about being a feminist. Seriously! This is a moment of hilarious twisted beauty for LGF:

109 Pastorius 2/20/09 5:09:57 pm reply quote

61 Kilgore, 62, and 64,
Pamela's efforts have unmasked her family. Her family really does not want her to be honored with a headstone. They really want her to lie in an unmarked grave.

Whatever one might think of Pamela, for whatever reason, she has done well in this case.
110 Pastorius 2/20/09 5:14:47 pm reply quote

Without a name behind it, no effort to raise money for Aqsa would have been successful at all.

Pamela has traffic. Traffic means she has a name. She lent her name to the cause.

If I lent my name to the cause, very little money would be raised.

Good on her. She did well.

111 Sharmuta 2/20/09 5:18:48 pm reply quote

One of the reasons why I'm critical of islam is because I am a feminist, that is that I believe in a woman's right to self determination. Obviously, it was a right Ms. Parvez was denied, and her attempt to have any control over her own life was paid for with her own blood. Demanding respect for a woman once she's already dead is too late, and I have seen nothing to suggest that Ms Geller is concerned, much less aware, about the feminist movement within islam. Rather it seems she is predominately concerned with herself. Ms Parvez was exploited in life by islamic misogyny, and didn't need to be exploited in death so an egomaniac could look as though she cares about the fate of muslim women. For indeed- Ms Geller hasn't apparently taken the time to consider the fate of muslim women throughout europe should her friends in vlaams belang gain all the political power they so desperately want. Rather, these women would be getting thrown to the wolves in being forced to go live in islamic societies where their murders would likely go unpunished. This gravestone would not stop a single additional honor killing from taking place. But pamela wants to think she's doing something about the issue. She's not in the slightest, and for her to think otherwise is delusional.

112 researchok 2/20/09 5:19:47 pm reply quote

Let's put the fire out.

Geller deserves appreciation for her efforts- Parvez deserves better than an unmarked grave. That said, turn the funds raised over to her friends, those who loved her and knew her best. Let them determine the best way to memorialize Aqsa Parvez.
113 researchok 2/20/09 5:23:47 pm reply quote

re: #109 Pastorius

You are right. Whether one agrees with Geller's politics or ideology or not, this particular effort is worthy.

Find a way, make it work.

114 TheGrandMufti[deleted] 2/20/09 5:24:43 pm

That's the Lizard spirit! Take the project on yourselves! Or, um, do what Charles says....

See, Summer has it down to a science:

117 Summer 2/20/09 5:34:54 pm reply quote

It is amazing to me what Pamela actually does for attention. Let's face it, she's an attention whore.

She has no subtlety, no wit, no intelligence. All she has is rage.

She appears to believe that rage was what made Oriana Fallaci famous, or what gave her last stand validity above the rest. She is unable to comprehend that Oriana had a lifetime of sage words behind that rage. If all you see are Oriana's final words, you might be sorely tempted to dismiss them until you read more about her history and work.

That is what gave Oriana's rage the validity it had earned. Oriana wasn't just any idiot ranting the way Pamela rants; Oriana was one of the best and had earned that right.

Rage was not all that Oriana had expressed. Rage was the culmination of seeing the betrayal of what she spent a lifetime expressing.

Pamela has no credit to her name. All that Pamela started with was rage. The more time passes, the louder she gets. Pamela isn't finishing her career with an operatic loud masterpiece of an aria, she thinks she can start it and get louder than the last one on stage.

That isn't how it works, Pamela. Sometimes, a loud song is fine, but most people want to hear music most of the time.

Most sane people, anyway.

Pamela, why don't you shut yourself down for a while and take a sabbatical for, say, a year? Try to relax. Try to breathe the air and travel and interview people. Become the great reporter that Oriana was before she earned the right to write a masterpiece of a rant. Perhaps you'll see what you've been all along.

For now, all you do is rant. But good rants are also sewn with skill, wit, and experience - none of which you have. Perhaps it would be a good idea to acquire them first before you try to pick up such a delicate brush.

Pamela, you are not Oriana Fallaci. You are not a masterful reporter with vast swathes of experience.

What you are, increasingly, is just unhinged.

OK, well the rest of the comments are here just waiting to be giggled over, so head on over and catch up while I polish this off with some classic Charles:

124 Charles 2/20/09 5:44:06 pm reply quote

re: #120 researchok

In an ideal world, you'd be right. It is none of our business. That said, the horses have been let out of the barn for a long time.

Really. So you agree it's nobody's business but the family's, but still think it's appropriate to stage a huge publicity stunt like this -- against the family's wishes?

In what way is this a "conservative" viewpoint -- to dictate to the family of a murdered girl how they should remember their daughter?

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Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson's ego is almost as big as his ability to crap on the people who made his site what is USED TO BE. Why watch a site that is not worth being watched?
I logged in after years of hospicing my husband who finally succumbed to cancer last April. He immediately 'blocked' me.
I laughed because I made benign comments but said something that he decided was 'inappropriate' - hence, the axe. And this, after YEARS of going to the sites that MATTER.
Atlas, Pamela Geller, was one of the 'ones' that made lgf when it was lgf. Now it's a mock site for a little man who played back up to stars. And that's all he'll ever be...a back up player. No more 'stars' there though, not for a loooong time. Heh.