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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charles Is He-Man!!!

I HAVE THE POWER!!!! Well, he acts like he does anyhow. And, um, the bad quality of the Photoshop is what gives it its' charm, OK? Anyways, After a particular user wrote about Charles on his own blog, Charles decided to pull one of his power-trip posts:

Outing a Liar
Blogosphere | Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 4:55:01 pm PST

Here’s a guy who used to be a registered LGF commenter (“ElKafir”) with a post accusing me of “deceptive malevolence,” and claiming he never wrote a comment I attributed to him: Transsylvania Phoenix: To LGF’s Charles Johnson: You Really Lost It, Pal!

Well, unfortunately for this person, when I delete a comment at LGF, it’s simply removed from view, not gone for good.

Ooooh, oooh, he really means it! Unfortunately for "this person", who's probably not giving a damn about this post of Charles'....

And I’ve restored the viewable status of his comment, to prove that he did indeed write exactly what he’s claiming he didn’t write:

We must separate ourselves from this cancer of civilization called Islam

Mass deportations. Start with the non-citizens. Then continue with the naturalized and US born or converted muslims. Declare Islam a threat to the very existance of the Republic and its Constitution (afterall, in Islam the only accepted law is the Sharia and muslims everywhere in the world are taught their first duty is to obey the Islamic law and only after that to obey the laws of the countries they live in - with the condition those laws aren’t contradicting the Islamic laws).

Amend the Constitution, strip them all of citizenship, offer them the chance to become apostates and remain here in the civilized world or deport them if they refuse.

Make conversion and preaching Islam a crime punished either by life in prison or deportation. That would be a humaine measure when compared with the punishment for renouncing Islam in most islamic countries is death by decapitation.

Here’s the comment in the context of the thread from June 4th, 2007, in which you can see that other people reacted negatively to it, and reported it to me—leading to its deletion: Video: 60% of UK Muslims Deny 7/7 Bombings.

I guess he didn’t expect me to be able to do this, before he staked his reputation on a claim that was completely false, and publicly accused me of lying.

An apology would be in order at this point.

UPDATE at 2/16/09 7:56:38 pm:

And of course, now he’s accusing me of a grand conspiracy to smear him, by altering my database. Pathetic.

WTF is Charles talking about and so worked up over? Someone who used to post at his blog is doing something he doesn't like and Charles has lots of spare time in between his attacks on Spencer? I mean, come on Charles, you're supposed to run a notable blog here, not a space to pick on the minutiae of former "lizards".

To be honest, I don't even care what the issue is here. It's the fact that Charles shows up in the comments as many times as he does to rant and rave when he's supposedly too busy to even notice comments about him on Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, etc.:

9 Charles 2/16/09 5:00:01 pm reply quote

This kind of thing is exactly why I coded the LGF Blog so that I could restore deleted comments.

35 Charles 2/16/09 5:05:36 pm reply quote
re: #24 JammieWearingFool

When was he banned? I noticed in his profile he's posted links and I believe that date (6/4/07) predates links. Must have said even dumber stuff later.

Date of banning:

2009-02-15 14:20:37

It was a meltdown over the creationism threads.

He still has the time stamp? Oh Charles, this is pathetic! Come on, show a little dignity here....

42 Charles 2/16/09 5:07:05 pm reply quote

I removed the IP block, which I put in place when he started emailing angry messages to me, so that he can experience this post.

OK, no dignity. I might add that I'm posting this with an IP block in place. So much for Charles Johnson, tek jeeenyus.

Cross-posted and longer at at govvs.

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Anonymous said...

Charles, you're running yourself to the ground, you can't be too picky when you're being a hater!