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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Comment of the Week

From one of my new favorite LGF threads ever:

The very last comment to come in, and so chock full of hypocrisy that it's just begging to be re-posted, so here it is:

206 notutopia 2/20/09 7:54:24 pm reply quote

Robert Spencer just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into the hole of no return to incredibility. His "anti-jihad" and hatred of Islam has obsessively lured him into associations with the worst of allies. He's done this to himself. No one puts words in his mouth. No one has forced him to associate himself with anti-semitics and nazi fascists. His failure to unequivocally dissociate himself from a group of white nationalists advocating the expulsion of all Muslims from Turkey is ludicrous.
Then, came this latest issue with his accusations of being "set up" to join a nazi connected Facebook account, by invitation of Charles and Cato the Elder, is just repulsive. This is shear paranoia. There is No substance to validate this accusation, other than fear, and then he reacts to his own fear, by threatening a lawsuit against them?
He has sabotaged his own credibility and lost his integrity. Now, he is panicking, rather than redress his digressions. I pity him. He continues to refuse to address: reality, himself, and his lurid associations. I said this before, He should be GRATEFUL to Charles and Cato, if he truly had made this Facebook joining in haste and error.

Spencer, if you truly want to be known and remembered as a man of integrity, then this is how you do it. Rebuke your hate loving, genocide advocating associates! Save your money on the lawyers, and stop the threats and intimidation. You have to own up and take personal responsibility for your own bad decisions, actions, behaviors and associations. Mr. Spencer, your expert voice on Islam and against "jihad", will be all for naught, and will fall on deafened ears. NO one with wisdom or knowledge of the facts of your associations, will hear you, believe you, or support you or your work.

Wait, I just got that from LGF?

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Anonymous said...

For 18 years Spencer has been learning about how to attack Islam, 18 years and what does he have to show for it? A bunch of neo-nazi extremist 'friends'.

This is the path sheer hatred takes you in, attempting to hide it or only 'hate' a very specific group of people and it will leave you all alone out in the wild (see Charles Johnson).

I wonder whose going to replace Muslims as the next big invisible enemy underneath the bed.