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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Charles Quote of the Week

Well, this week's goes to Charles Johnson. Way to slam Jihad Watch/Robert Spencer and Atlas Shrugs/Pamela Geller, Chuckles!

I tried to blow the whistle on this slide into ethnic nationalist crap, but I've been viciously attacked for it -- and by the same people who praised me for my other opinions. The "anti-jihad movement" (if there ever really was one) has become a bigoted mess of smelly fascist associations, and I want nothing to do with these people.


Keith said...

Hmm, yeah... His claims about trying to thwart the evil racist ethnic nationalists would carry way more weight if he hadn't spent the past few years talking about Arabs, and Muslims in general, as if they were some sort of swarm of disease carrying parasites that need to either be contained or eradicated.

Anonymous said...

I think Charles suddenly had an epiphanie or something because he keeps saying either ironic things or blatant and sad truths,

"Q: What does Little Green Footballs have in common with Cuba? (Besides our Nazi-like suppression of dissent?)"