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Thursday, March 12, 2009

When terrorism doesn't matter

So, an extremist wing of the IRA is back in action by killing soldiers and policemen, and in a matter of hours, two shooting sprees claim several lives, one in Alabama, one in Germany.

What do these incidents have in common? None of them involved any Muslim terrorists. So imagine my surprise, when these stories passed by unreported on Little Green Footballs, Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrieks. Has it become a dogma that only Muslim nutters count, and that armed assaults on children inside schools are insignificant, or why are these veteran terrorist hunters silent? In terms of statistics, in the US and Europe, your kids are less safer in their own school from random maniacs than they are from any attacks by Muslims. So why -pray- should these professional pundits report on them?

Alas, if these people were pressed into mentioning it, Charles Johnson would quote the news site, along with a snarky prediction that the Euroweenies will clamp down on guns even further, Robert Spencer would feverishly explain that the young German murderer is not of Muslim background, and thus cannot by any standard be called a real terrorist, and Pamela (Shrieking Harpy) Geller.. Well, she would dig up a conspiracy theory on how young Tim Kretschmer came in contact with a Turkish pupil in his school, whose father knew somebody whose cousin back in Turkey listened to a sermon by a radical Imam condemning the West, and thus "proving" how this horrible incident is clear proof of creeping Jihad that will turn all trees gray and cause all our hair to drop out.

God forbid there were one Mahmoud included in these stories, in which case there would've been reports from said deskchair fighters all day long.


Anonymous said...

QUIET! We can't let them know people besides Muslims can be terrorists too, do you want to get us out of a job?

Anonymous said...

dear Idiot author of this pathetic blog, worthy of no more note than a fart in the wind:

Charles Johnson is an pre-9/11 democrat. When the jihadi's get to your town, hoping to be-head your family, be sure to discuss tolerance and understanding.

"LGF watch"....what a joke.

The Sphinx said...

"When the jihadi's get to your town, hoping to be-head your family, .."

Just another sign that hardcore LGF fans check inside the drawers and under the bed for any hiding terrorists every single night.

Anonymous said...

i don't believe jihadis have been on the bike paths of california.

Anonymous said...

"Dear" should be capitalized, as it is at the beginning of a sentence.

"pre-9/11" should be preceded by "a", not "an".

"Idiot" should be all lower-case.

"Democrat" should be capitalized.

"Jihadi's" should have no apostrophe as it is not possessive case.

"Be-head" should have no hyphen as it is a single word.

An ellipsis has three dots, not four.

Anonymous said...

and what are you, a bloody English-teacher? Discriminating somebody who will not follow your rules eh? Get a life, get a mind, get an opinion. How pathetic.