Little Green Footballs

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Twisted Sisters


The Sublibrarian said...

Uh, how about "Kindred Spirits" instead. I'm quite sure neither has a soul in any useful sense.

MJ said...

Soul sisters?

Pam still looks a tad tranny to me.

Steve said...

Thanks for your suggestions. A change has been made!

ElectricBassPlayer said...

Thew reason I hate Coulter is because she's made me wish she was physically harmed.

And just as Osama Bin Laden has strategically won the terror war by making America turn away from the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and into an authoritarian state, Ann Coulter has turned me into someone who actually wishes harm on a fellow American. (Actually, I'd buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate if she came to harm.)

And for that alone, I condemn her.

Steve J. said...