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Monday, June 05, 2006

LGF death threats - update

 Rooting around in the muck that is you can't but keep coming across death threats. That's right, instances of LGF regulars telling visitors - quite openly - that they should be dead.

Take this beauty:

#74 Kragar (proud to be kafir) 11/13/2004 09:56AM PST

#67 krazykounselor

after reading your comment in the previous thread, only one thing really comes to mind:

Eat shit and die screaming, you sad, pathetic little shit.

...and this one...

#145 Iron Fist 11/13/2004 06:32PM PST

#131 krazykounselor,

I'll start for you.

Go fuck yourself.

Preferably with a chainsaw.

We gave the non-combatants so much time to get out that the combatants had time to plan their resistance. That means we will lose people who would have survived had we hit with less warning.

Many non-combatants will survive because of their sacrifice. Honor that sacrifice, bitch. Our people are dying so their people can live.

No one still in the city should be permitted to survive.

Personally, I'd just nuke it [Fallujah], but I understand the political considerations that make that complicated.

Now why does it seem a tad hypocritical of Charles Johnson to let his pet gofers randomly call for the death of individuals and entire city populations? Perhaps because self-same Johnson recently made a big thing out of the fact that someone sent him a nastygram implicating the person's employer in a lethal conspiracy against him?

1 comment:

Sporty said...

You seem to have trouble understanding that when drunken white frat boys issue death threats, it's just blowing off steam.

When someone else issues a threat against a drunken white frat boy, it's a jihad! Can't you see?

The same thing happened to Sporty at Little Green Fascists as happened to Charles at LGF2. Sporty had to get a panic room installed and it wasn't pretty!