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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Death threats plus updates!

Exclusive coverage of the latest developments in the Death Threat Controversy here at LGF. Read in horror as an obviously insane individual, not only content with sending one death threat (although it was more of a death wish to be fair) continues to (gasp) visit LGF and (shock, horror) read the reactions!!

Several of you have expressed concerns about the death threats I've been receiving from Islamofascists and their supporters, so I decided to share my notes with you:

Early Friday morning at about 3:00 am on the East Coast, someone in Des Moines connected to the Internet - probably using a desktop computer or perhaps a laptop known to Al Quaeda - and browsed over to this article at the Augusta Chronicle: News You Can Use.

The Chronicle's piece (about "safe grilling") is in the section of the Chronicle site where readers can comment. Someone posted a link to LGF there accusing me of unsafe griling practices tantamount to terrorism. Our 'visitor' clicked that link, leading him/her/it to this post: Tuesday Morning Tire Fire. Could they really believe that is what my grilling area looks like?

At 3:23 am, this charlatan used our contact form to send the following message with the obviously phony Hotmail address '' and the subject line, "You are a joke!!".
I look forward to the day when you grill some pig and get slightly ill from food poisoning....
Well, isn't that special?
Please, read more here. You laugh, you'll cry a little and then laugh more.

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