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Monday, June 05, 2006

File Under: BS

Chuckles happily copies and pastes this charming load of old codswallop from YNET News.

Following warnings by extremist Islamic group al-Muhajiroun, in which the group said that the red cross in the England flag symbolizes the ‘blood thirsty crusaders’ and the occupation of Muslims, some of the largest companies in England have ordered their workers not to wave the flags.

The flag has recently appeared in England on everything from bikinis to cars, and sold in endless versions in stores.

But the Islamic protest forced some corporations, such as cable companies NTL, Heathrow airport in London, and even the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency to ban the flag in every form due to fears from reactions of Muslims.
1. Al-Muhajiroun has been defunct for years (2004 to be exact). The Saviour Sect which was spawned from it has died a death also.

2. The only source for this story is YNET News, an Israeli news provider. No British news outlet has reported any threats by Al-Muhajiroun, or even reported its Lazarus like re-emergence. A quick scan around the news sources listed by Google shows only two entries, YNET and Front Page Magazine (which merely copies and pastes YNET). Where's the British coverage?

3. None of the companies listed has received warnings/threats or correspondance from Al-Muhajiroun.

I guess this is another 'Iranian Nazis' stories.


NTL have announced that they have asked their drivers to refrain from flying flags from company property because as they say 'We work in many multicultural areas and in different countries within Britain so we want to maintain a professional image and a sense of impartiality.'. No mention of threats for the Islamic community then? No campaign by a defunct group of jihadis?

Heathrow airport say flags are not permitted '— because the flags might get caught in the wind and fly on to a runway'. Seems reasonable. No mention of Al-Muj.


The Sun interviewed Anjem Choudary and like the good little pet extremist he had this to say......
Anjem Choudary, a former leader of the Islamic extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, claimed the St George flag symbolised a bloodthirsty past. He said: "The cross does represent Christianity and for Muslims it also represents a crusader history of occupation and murder."
So that's a quote. No threat. No organised campaign. No re-ermergence of Al Muj. (PS notice the words 'former leader'? )


adultmalebluegrouse said...

The British Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency doesnt have the authority to ban anything. They cant even track down banned drunk drivers.

And flags 'in every form'

- Seriously WTF?!

How would you even define something like that and enforce it? Do tattoos count if your arm hangs out the window?

If there was even a hint that people were complaining about the cross the BNP would have heard about it and cashed in. They haven't.

LGFers define their own reality. Let live in their bubbles of fiction and fantasy. Fuck em.
They're beyond help.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Is Ynet News taken seriously in Israel by its readers or what? I don't hear much from it.

If they cant get simple stories like this correct what else are they fucking up?