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Sunday, June 11, 2006

LGF and the Gaza picnic massacre

Reader Gifthorse notes LGF's reaction to the killing of seven family members on a Gaza beach by an Israeli shell:

"Lizards really care about the Palestinian people. You can see this in how they go through the 5 stages of mourning when discussing a little girl being made an orphan (

1. Denial

#1 LSD 6/10/2006 06:38PM PDT

Setup's can work very well ...

#4 Maine's Michael 6/10/2006 06:43PM PDT

Best supporting actress nominee.

#5 Earth2moonbat 6/10/2006 06:44PM PDT

Consider this: It would take an ambulence in a civilized country 5 to 10 minutes to get to the scene. Probably longer there. Longer even for the camera crew. This was not the spontaneous reaction to an incident that just happened. At best, it was a reenactment. Watch it with your sound off, and you can see how melodramatic the filming is. This is not the spontaneous reaction captured on video. This is acting.

2. Anger

#9 kalel666 6/10/2006 06:49PM PDT

F*ck with the bull, you get the horns.

3. Bargaining

#13 rickl 6/10/2006 06:50PM PDT

This is not original, of course, but the point needs to be hammered home again and again.

The Isamofascists consciously and deliberately target innocent people. Western armed forces target enemy forces, but occasionally kill innocent people by accident.

The moral relativists, of course, see no difference at all. Dead is dead.
#16 Condor 6/10/2006 06:51PM PDT

Remember the kid whom the Israelis supposedly shot in a crossfire near a checkpoint--who turned out to have either been killed by Palestinian fire, or else was still alive?

And the little girl wounded during the Israeli attack in Lebanon (who so moved President Reagan), who turned out to be a boy with a broken arm (not wounded in the attack)?

We Americans have to become a bit more skeptical of TV scenes. . .

4. Depression

#6 Glaucon 6/10/2006 06:46PM PDT

It's sad, really. The Arabs are just so pathetic. Still waiting for their next contribution to human civilization...1000 years and counting.

5. Acceptance

Oh wait, there's no accepting reality on LGF... "

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Richard said...

Wonder how those Lizards are going to react to the IDF snow job claiming they couldn't possibly have shelled that beach.

See the NYT & Human Rights Watch coverage which makes a good case for the IDF exoneration being a whitewash.