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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Hat Hearts A Snow Job

Johnson's Pajamaline partner, Roger L. Simon, believes the skill of the administration mouthpiece in "catapulting the propaganda" is more important than leadership in, say, saving a drowning city, educating our children or homeland security:

I have been watching the White House press conference with Tony Snow and am more convinced than ever that Snow may be Bush's best (and most important) appointment. Snow is superb at handling his media colleagues (suggesting his IQ is a bit higher). Good thing too. Given that the War on Terror exists more than anywhere in the realm of propaganda, the role of the Press Secretary is almost as crucial as the Defense Secretary.
He is at least being honest, to a devout follower of The Decider, spin is the whole thing.

UPDATE: It seems Simon has been doing some "catapulting" himself. From the "search inside" feature on Amazon, looking at his latest effort, "Director's Cut":
...A couple of hours later the friend called back. Indeed there was an ongoing investigation of Mohammed Atta's trip to Prague last April to meet with an Iraqi agent. The Americans weren't convinced it actually happened, but the Czechs insisted it ..."

..."Watch your back in Prague," he said as I started off. "Isn't that where those Iraqis met with that Twin Towers guy? What's his name?
Simon works really hard for his Pajamaline pay-off here, selling the central Bush lie in his novel. Not that many will read it.


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