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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Charles Johnson, what an idiot

Remember when LGF unmasked the fact that CBS had got the Chinese and Japanese flag mixed up, AND cast a shadow in an illustration the wrong way ( Hilarious! Blogger shows up MSM! Blammo! Of course, such a blooper would never happen to Middle-East expert Charles Johnson...

Oooops. Spot the mistake. For your convenience, the relevant section has been cast in bold type:

The opinions quoted by Associated Press writer Scheherazade Faramarzi, who does his level best to put a positive spin on the story, boil down to: 1) they do condemn the terrorist attacks, just not publicly, 2) they feel more connected to fellow Muslims than to murdered Westerners, or 3) it’s not their problem and we should just leave them alone.

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Sothis said...

Hey, for all we know Scheherazade Faramarzi is a drag queen and that is his preferred stage name--but I doubt it.

If Scheherazade is really a guy's name, I bet the sultan from the 1001 Nights had his own Crying Game moment...