Little Green Footballs

Monday, July 11, 2005

You're not from around here are you?

It seems that Charles has been sent some information by one of his little 'minions' that British Police were forced to stop immigration checks on Tube passengers. Turns out London Transport weren't happy with police immigration officials using their system to harrass foreign sounding people to find illegal immigrants.

I understand feelings are running high, but targetting 'foreigners' on the Tube just because they are foreign sounding is wrong and pointless considering London's multi-cultural and diverse population. Now I suspect the reason Charles is running this story to demonstrate that curbing the Metropolitan Police and Immigration Service powers could've prevented the London bombings.

Isn't this the same Charles Johnson that reported that the terrorists responsible were 'almost certainly British born' according to.......yep the Metropolitan Police. In other words, the terrorists would've had British accents, British passports, British identification (drivers license etc etc) and a legitimate reason for using the Tube. Police and Immigration officials wouldn't have looked twice at them.

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