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Monday, July 18, 2005

Muslims condemn bombings as the work of a 'perverted ideology'

I wonder how Charles will spin this?

Ten days after Islamic radicals carried out deadly attacks on the London transport system,

Britain's largest Sunni Muslim group issued a binding religious edict yesterday, a fatwa, condemning the July 7 suicide bombings as the work of a "perverted ideology."

The Sunni Council denounced the bombings as anti-Islamic and said the Koran forbids suicide attacks.

"Who has given anyone the right to kill others? It is a sin. Anyone who commits suicide will be sent to hell," said Mufti Muhammad Gul Rehman Qadri, the council chairman. "What happened in London can be seen as a sacrilege. It is a sin to take your life or the life of others."

Muslims should not use "atrocities being committed in Palestine and Iraq" to justify attacks such as those in London that killed 55 people when suicide bombers struck three Underground trains and a double-decker bus, the fatwa declared.

"We equally condemn those who may have been behind the masterminding of these acts, those who incited these youths in order to further their own perverted ideology," Mr. Qadri said.

More than 2,000 Sunni clerics, scholars and community leaders attended yesterday's meeting, which had been scheduled before the bombings.

The bombings have prompted the government to propose new legislation outlawing "indirect incitement" of terrorism -- including public praise for those who carry out attacks.

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